Sweetsour Pumpkin Cream

This is a refreshing and nutritious recipe. It is one of my favorites, creamy and sweet.  6 people  Preparation: 5 min   Total time: 30 min INGREDIENTS: PREPARATION: The umeboshi paste can …

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Adzuki beans with pumpkin and kombu

The macrobiotic dish par excellence! INGREDIENTS: 1 cup azukis washed and soaked overnight.4-6 measures water (less if pressure cooker, more if not pressure cooker)1 piece of kombu seaweed soaked for 5 minutes …

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Gomasio (toasted sesame seeds with salt, in japanese), is the most popular macrobiotic condiment.  4 people  Preparation: 5 min   Total time: 10 min INGREDIENTS: PREPARATION: Sesame is an excellent source of protein, …

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Learn how to make this delicious and naturally sweet dessert. INGREDIENTS: PREPARATION: Enjoy!


Excelent roots dish to balance the stomach-spleen-pancreas.  4 people  Preparation: 5 min   Total time: 30 min INGREDIENTS: PREPARATION: “Nishime” is a dish that originated in Japan which is always prepared in …

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Rice Kayu Bread

Today we bring to you a “different” kind of bread. It was introduced by Georges Ohsawa and it aims to take us back to the origins of this ancient staple …

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sopa de kimpira

Kimpira soup

Try this strengthening and energising récipe!  Preparation: 10 min  Total time: 40 min INGREDIENTS: PREPARATION: Kimpira is a long sauté (20 mins. aprox.) with very little water, a little bit …

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