What is macrobioteca?

Imagine a library where you can learn how to transform your life through macrobiotics. “Macrobioteca” is a place to study and study yourself, to discover and discover yourself. Here you will find recipes, videos, articles, opinions, and a whole consignment of content on the macrobiotic lifestyle. You will discover that health is a constantly changing process, it is not something static, but we are always getting closer to or further away from it. I invite you to discover the role that you have in your own health. For this I give cooking classes and workshops, as well as talks and presentations.

¡Let’s do it!

Let’s say you’ve decided to eat more consciously, perhaps for health reasons, or because you’re worried about this sometimes unbalanced world. Perhaps they have put you on a macrobiotic diet and you are a bit lost when it comes to how to proceed, control the quantities and proportions. Be that as it may, you have decided to take responsibility for your own health and boy!

That means starting to do something you’ve never done seriously before! cook! …and wow, that’s new… and to top it off, new ingredients, a wide variety of cereals you’ve never heard of before, non-traditional cooking methods, Japanese products (miso, tamari, shoyu, umeboshi)… sometimes we can’t get over it! feel saturated! We don’t know where to start!

What do I offer you?

Private and group cooking.

I can help you to create variety in your kitchen, to prepare balanced menus in the appropriate proportions in each case. Eating vegetarian, vegan or “macrobiotic” does not automatically equate to “healthy”. Health is a process and not a state. We are always moving towards health or away from it, through what we choose to eat and the awareness we put into it. I will prepare with you delicious cereal creams for breakfast, delicious and easy recipes, macrobiotic desserts, efficient combinations of dishes. We will also understand what cravings are, where they come from, and how to relate to them in a healthy way.

Together we will solve doubts and problems that arise. Remember that macrobiotics connects us with our environment and with our interior, it helps us achieve the goal of being who we want to be, living to the fullest of our potential.

You have decided to start changing your life through food and “the longest path begins with a single step”. I can help you achieve your goals through lifestyle changes.

You decide when, how and where.

Macrobiotics classes, workshops and courses.

I carry out cooking classes and workshops on various topics, as well as specific ones on certain ailments and natural remedies through cooking. They are participatory and we explain the concepts that underlie macrobiotics as a path of personal self-discovery. The classes and workshops are conducted in both Spanish and English, in appropriate places, civic and cultural centers, schools and restaurants.

In classes and workshops we always make a complete menu based on cereals, legumes, vegetables and seaweed, with seeds and nuts as well. One of my favorite workshops is “macrobiotic breakfasts”, where we explore the unknown reality of alternatives to the “traditional” breakfast, usually full of sugar and dairy, the negative aspects of which have been amply proven by science.

Workshops are different from classes. In the workshops we “put on our aprons” and we “get to work”, in a totally practical way, according to which you take responsibility for the dish you cook. This is of great value because you have a direct experience of what it means to prepare a dish. I accompany you in the process, correcting where appropriate the possible things to improve. We learn and grow together.