👉 Today I want to show you an example of how to get all the nutrients your body needs in order to feel happy and full of energy.

We always hear that “we have to eat in a balanced way” but we really don’t know what this means. We are confused… we read contradictory information here and there. In macrobiotics we promote whole grains as source of health and vitality, accompanied by vegetables in less quantity (but it all depends on your personal needs!) And protein (beans and bean products, or some animal food, fish preferably ). Add seeds to your plate too. Sunflower, pumpkin or flax seeds are full of essential oils … yes, those they “say” you can only find in fish! Proportions are almost as important as food itself. Always remember to listen to your body and be honest to yourself. Do you do sports? Then maybe you need more protein. Is your activity more intellectual? Then maybe you need more good quality carbohydrates. Nothing is fixed and the trick is to flow with the freedom that gives us knowing how to choose what we need.

You don´t have to go crazy when cooking! It’s just a matter of getting organised. In the case of the dish we introduce to you today…

  • Things that I had previously cooked: azuki beans, vinaigrette sauce, seaweed and sweet rice with spelt. You can take advantage of “down time” at home while watching your favorite tv series or having breakfast.
  • That way I only had to blanch the cabbage, the broccoli and the radishes! Your plate should be ready in less than 25 minutes.

Get your essential nutrients from organic products whenever possible. Whole grains will provide you with slow-release energy in your blood, preventing mid-morning and mid-afternoon “lows”. Beans and vegetables are full of carbohydrates too, as well as fiber, vitamins and minerals. And proteins? Get them from beans and bean products (Tofu, Tempeh, miso, etc.). The combination of grains+beans provide high biological value proteins. These have been staple foods of humans throughout history all over the world. Not only do they produce less metabolic waste and stress in our bodies, but also have a much lower environmental impact. Remember that producing 1 kg of meat requires between 10,000 and 20,000 liters of water😰. Earth will be thankful. Reducing intake of animal products is the best way to look after the environment.

📣So, here´s the dish!

comer de forma equilibrada macrobiotica macrobioteca zaragoza

➡️Sweet rice with spelt, with leek sprouts

➡️Blanched cabbage with sauerkraut, vinaigrette sauce and sea spaghetti
➡️Azuki beans with pumpkin and kombu
➡️Blanched broccoli with radishes and poppy seeds.

We continue to work on upcoming workshops and classes where you will learn how to cook your health. Stay tuned! ☯️