Summer cooking and the fire element

Summer Cooking and the Fire Element

Today, I’ll be talking about summer cooking and the fire element. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are approaching the summer season, which corresponds to the Fire Element and, therefore, …

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WHAT IS IT? The cochayuyo seaweed is a brown seaweed like, for example, kombu. It is gelatinous and has a mild but intense flavour. Energetically it is quite yang, it …

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WHAT IS NORI SEAWEED? Nori seaweed is made from seaweed of the sea lettuce family, which grows in temperate waters in different parts of the Mediterranean and the Pacific and …

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Common Sense Immunity (II)

Boosting our own immunity is possible through different means, such as fasting, vitamins, minerals and our attitudes and emotions; and all this is down to being an integrated whole: body, …

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Common Sense Immunity (I)

Are we going to sit around with our mask on, waiting for a vaccine? My grandfather used to say that “common sense is the least common of the senses.” We are living in …

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por que me sientan mas las legumbres


The easy answer could be: “Because you don’t cook them well“. Indeed, many people believe that beans and grains should be cooked just long enough for them to be on …

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