Summer and the “fire” element

Do we see how nature, in its constant transformation, provides us with the necessary food to balance ourselves with each season of the year? If we eat according to “natural laws”, that is, local, ecological and seasonal products, it is logical to think that we will be much more in balance with our environment. Now, if we take tropical fruits, excess sugar, ice cream and other overly expansive or contractive products (fried meats, barbecues, pizzas, smoked, excess salt), we will be difficult that balance and body-mind will suffer.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are in the Summer time, corresponding to the element FIRE, which influences the heart and small intestine. Later we will talk at length about this millenary cosmology that describes the “energetic” movements of nature throughout its different cycles. For the moment I want to talk to you about what we should eat in SUMMER to vibrate adequately with our surroundings.

It’s summer. What we see? What we feel? Sun, heat, light, long days, growth, profuse growth, bright colors, exuberance, celebration … all this reminds us of FIRE. Not in vain in the Night of San Juan is used fire and no other element (water or earth) to celebrate the emergence of life and the shortest night of the year.

In many traditions fire has been associated with Love. When we like someone or something, the heart rate increases. This archetype has to do with the harmony we feel when enjoying something intensely, and likewise, with the power of enthusiasm, communication and modulating the rhythm of life. Therefore, the fire element, as an archetype, is related to passion. But be careful! Passion can be used for good (to communicate, excite, compassion, empathy) or negatively (occurrences, falsehoods, appearances, emotional manipulation).

We all have a heart and the ability, potentially, to use that kind of passion and empathy that often makes our eyes shine when we communicate something passionately.

Those with a balanced fire personality are generally people who are very good at “feeling the rhythm” of others, they know how to reach their heart, empathize. But they know how to do it from tranquility and stability and respect for the natural rhythm. It is the ability to be peaceful, conscious and to be “present” in the here and now. They are enthusiastic, good communicators and cheerful.

However, when a person with a “fire personality” is unbalanced (for their bad eating habits or other reasons) often have heart problems, arms hanging like dead, or otherwise become much fuss. You can find typical personality traits: agitated mind, do many things at once, verbiage, arrogance …

What unbalances the Heart / Small intestine?

YANG: They favor the hardening of the arteries, they block the functioning of the heart and circulation.YIN: Stimulants, harm the heart and circulation. They also produce moisture, weakness, fluid accumulation.
Sausages Sugar
Red meats Marijuana
Cured cheesesSpicy
Oven, barbecue, fried, iron...Stimulants
Excess (or poor quality) of salt Coffee
Barbecues Alcohol
Ribs Vinegars
Tropical fruit and vegetables

crema de remolacha macrobioteca macrobiotica zaragoza

How can we balance the heart / small intestine through cooking?

Cooking for the FIRE element will enhance a light and active energy, refreshing and opening.

  • We will reduce cooking times
  • We will use less oil and we will avoid flours and baking.
  • We will avoid too contractive food
  • We will make more scalded, macerated, steamed, short sautéed, quick pressed and a little raw food.
  • Toasted seeds (sunflower, sesame, pumpkin). Nuts: nuts.
  • Summer vegetables are more juicy and refreshing, something necessary to adapt to the heat of the moment. Salads and raw vegetables, for the same reason, should not be missing from our menu.

The bitter taste is provided by the bitter vegetables (artichokes, lettuce, endive, escarole, kale, Brussels sprouts, dandelion, chicory, mustard greens, okra, chive, chard, turnip greens, turnip greens, large green leaves.

  • Algae: nori (benefit heart and circulation), wakame, dulse, agar-agar.
  • Whole grains: Corn (and semolina), popcorn, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum. Seitan
  • Other vegetables: asparagus, red peppers, tomato, beetroot
  • Legumes: tofu, large beans, beans.
  • Condiments: tamari, tekka


Some representative recipes:

I invite you to try these tasty recipes!


And you? Can you think of a celebrity who meets the characteristics of an “unbalanced fire energy personality”? What do you think he or she should eat to behave in a more rational way? Do not forget to give us your opinion … and enjoy the recipes!

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