Autumn is here and we feel like those warming delicious soups. This soup is perfect to make use of leftovers from the week and prepare something healthy and nutritious when you do not feel like cooking a lot while watching a movie on a Sunday afternoon.


Cooked chickpeas (to taste)
Onion (to taste)
Leek (to taste)
Sweet potato or pumpkin cut into small cubes (to taste)
Leftover cooked millet (although you can use any cooked grain you have, rice, quinoa, bulgur, amaranth …)
Quinoa (I added quinoa, which takes 20 minutes to make)
Umeboshi vinegar
A pinch of salt
Spring onion for garnish
Seaweed wakame soaked 5 minutes
Roasted pumpkin seeds for garnish


Put all the “leftovers” in a pan and cover with water.
If you use short cooking grain (eg millet, quinoa, buckwheat or amaranth), put it together with the other ingredients at the beginning of cooking.
Add the sweet potato or squash and seaweed with its soaking water.
Add filtered or spring water to generously cover the contents of the pot. The amount of liquid is up to you.
Add a pinch of salt (or to taste)
Bring to a boil and cook about 25 minutes. Add finely chopped leek halfway through cooking.
Rectify taste with umeboshi vinegar or a few drops of tamari.
Serve with tender garlic and pipes to decorate.