Gluten free sweet amaranth buckwheat porridge

INGREDIENTS: 1 coffee cup of amaranth 1 coffee cup of buckwheat 6 cups of water 1 handful of raisins 2 or 3 dried apricots 1 cinnamon stick Half lemon peel 1 pinch of salt PREPARATION: Rinse the whole grains well several times and place them with the rest of the ingredients in a pot. Bring…

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Whole rice with azuki beans and chesnuts

Learn how to cook this fantastic recipe which will provide you with the natural sweetness your body needs in Autumn and Winter. It´s quick, delicious and healthy! INGREDIENTS: 1 cup of rice (washed and pan-toasted until lightly golden) ½ cup of de hokkaido azukis* washed and pan-toasted. 1 handful of peeled chesnuts** 2 cups of filtered…

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Brown rice burguers with vegan mayonnaise

Brown rice is the most balanced of all grains. Its composition is similar to human blood, 7 parts of sodium per 1 of potassium. It has excellent carbohydrate quality which keeps sugar levels in the blood stable. Energetically it creates peace, centre and well chewed it contributes to focused and accurate thinking. INGREDIENTS: 1 glass…

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Rice Kayu Bread

Today we bring to you a “different” kind of bread. It was introduced by Georges Ohsawa and it aims to take us back to the origins of this ancient staple food. INGREDIENTS: 2 cups wholegrain flour (we may use buckwheat flour for a gluten-free versión). Between 1/8 to ¼ tsp unrefined sea salt. 2 cups…

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Pressure-cooked brown rice

Brown rice has a nutritional value far superior to refined rice, especially in terms of vitamin B and protein. Excellent food for intellectual and spiritual development. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup organic brown rice 1’5 cup filtered water Unrefined sea salt A piece of kombu seaweed about 2 or 3 cm (optional) Gomasio (optional) Parsley (optional) PREPARATION:…

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