By ignacio | 30 August, 2018

Traditional Chinese Medicine is such a wide area that it would take many years to just scratch its surfice. Such is the degree of detail and complexity that it has. Macrobiotics however, as Loli Curto puts it, is the “granddaughter” of this type of ancient medicine. One could say that it is like a “simplified” version and…

crema de remolacha macrobioteca macrobiotica zaragoza


By ignacio | 28 June, 2018

Can we see how nature provides us with the necessary foods to help us make balance with each season of the year? Eating according to “natural laws”, i.e. local, organic and seasonal produce, it makes sense we will be much more in balance with the environment. Now, if we have tropical fruit, sugar, ice cream and…


The food “show” and our hectic lifestyle

By ignacio | 24 April, 2018

I´d like to bring up some thoughts about the society in which we live and our relationship with food itself: our nourishment. Let´s start with the premise that each and every one of us is part of society as a whole. We are all co-responsible. Bearing in mind that our options and decisions are based…

tempeh de garbanzosagridulce macrobioteca macrobiotica zaragoza

Where to get your (plant-based) protein from?

By ignacio | 18 January, 2018

Do you know where to get your plant-based proteins? Tempeh and quinoa are examples of complete protein, but you also get them by combining whole grains with beans… Yes! pretty much like your regular rice with lentils! Take a look at this example dish: Sweet-sour chickpea Tempeh, Quinoa with millet,Pickled beetroot, Steamed broccoli, Carrot stew…

Michio Kushi’s Confession (II)

By ignacio | 16 January, 2018

MICHIO KUSHI In my case, I also led and extremely hectic life, traveling constantly and giving macrobiotic seminars around the world. For three to four months every year for many years I stayed at hotels, flew on commercial jetliners, and followed a very unnatural lifestyle in order to spread the macrobiotic philosophy and lifestyle. My…

Michio Kushi’s Confession (I)

By ignacio | 11 January, 2018

Michio Kushi was one of George´s Ohsawa’s most active students. He went on to become one of the most prominent macrobiotic teachers and counsellors. Together with his wife Aveline set up a successful macrobiotic school which was to become one the reference centres for macrobiotic and wholistic studies in the world. Generations of graduates from…

comer de forma equilibrada macrobiotica macrobioteca zaragoza

Balance in your plate

By ignacio | 30 November, 2017

👉 Today I want to show you an example of how to get all the nutrients your body needs in order to feel happy and full of energy. We always hear that “we have to eat in a balanced way” but we really don’t know what this means. We are confused… we read contradictory information here and…

aceite oliva macrobioteca macrobiotica zaragoza

The three plagues of modern nutrition (III)

By ignacio | 10 October, 2017

REFINED OIL With this third and final issue, we come to the end of  this series of entries on the great plagues of modern food, as Martine Catani puts it in her book “Nutrirse y vivir”. OIL FACTS Oils and fats in general are sensitive to heat and prone to oxidation, the moreso the more…

naturaleza Macrobioteca Macrobiotica Zaragoza


By ignacio | 16 July, 2017

In a slightly playful and childish way (as when we allow ourselves be carried away by the pure enjoyment of “now”, without any pretensions), I have come up with a combination of words: “macrobioethics“. And I know what I´m saying, because I believe that our great power as consumers cannot allow us neglect our responsibility…

pan blanco tostado macrobioteca macrobiotica zaragoza

The three plagues of modern nutrition (II)

By ignacio | 21 June, 2017

Let´s resume the topic we started in our latest entry on the great plagues of modern nutrition. We focused previously on white sugar. Let us move on now with the next plague mentioned by Martine Catani: refined grains and White bread. REFINED GRAINS The second refined product which appeared with the industrial revolution was white…

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