Now that autumn is coming but summer still holds, here is a somewhat exotic recipe. George Ohsawa and Aveline Kushi already talked about taro, a very popular tropical crop in the French Polynesia and a natural source of iron and calcium. I have used it to achieve a creamier consistency, since it is very starchy.…

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Did you know it is good to start your meals with a cream or soup? It tonifies your digestive system. Always remember to add something crispy or that needs chewing. Otherwise, your stomach might assume there isn´t much work ahead and the amount of hydrochloric acid released might not be enough to digest the food later. This leek…

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Autumn is here and we feel like those warming delicious soups. This soup is perfect to make use of leftovers from the week and prepare something healthy and nutritious when you do not feel like cooking a lot while watching a movie on a Sunday afternoon. INGREDIENTS Cooked chickpeas (to taste) Onion (to taste) Leek…

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Cleansing buckwheat soup

Cold, isn´t it? In winter we want to strengthen our intestines, this will allow us to keep our immune system in optimal conditions and spend the coldest months of the year free of unwanted colds. This cleansing soup will warm your body and tone the kidneys. And you will feel more energetic! Buckwheat promotes activity,…

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Barley soup

Barley is indicated for the proper functioning of the liver. It helps the digestion of fat-rich foods. Delicious in soups, or mixed with rice (2 rice: 1 barley). INGREDIENTS: 1 cup of barley (soaked 5 hours) 1 strip of kombu seaweed (5 – 6 cm) 1 carrot, diced 2 slices of pumpkin, diced 1 onion…

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Kimpira soup

  Try this strengthening and energising récipe!   INGREDIENTS: 1 Carrot, burdock, lotus root, onion and pumpkin. 1 tbsp Mugi miso 1 tbsp Sweet Miso (rice miso or shiro miso) 1 tbsp ginger juice (grated and squeezed) 1 tbsp Toasted sesame oil PREPARATION: Soak the burdock and the lotus root for 30 min. Chop all…

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Miso soup

According to Eastern mythology, miso was a gift from the gods. Thus it is considered because it has huge benefits, it makes the blood more alkaline, strengthens, vitalizes and energizes. INGREDIENTS: 1 tsp wakame seaweed flakes 1 onion 1 carrot 1 1/2 liters of water 1 tsp barley miso (Mugi miso) per cup of soup…

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