Did you know it is good to start your meals with a cream or soup? It tonifies your digestive system. Always remember to add something crispy or that needs chewing. Otherwise, your stomach might assume there isn´t much work ahead and the amount of hydrochloric acid released might not be enough to digest the food later. This leek…

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Presenting this delicious cake for your guilt-free Sunday evening cravings. It is quite nutritious, with natural sweetness from the apples and the carrots. You won´t have to resort to sugar or other artificial sweeteners that ruin your sense of taste and your pancreas. On the other hand, if you use rice or almond drink or…

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In days of celebration we are sometimes overwhelmed. We feel compelled to get the best out of our culinary skills to impress those we cook for. But do not be fooled. There are many options to make easy and healthy desserts without them being complicated or time-consuming. Here we introduce one of them. I learned…

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Are you lost when it comes to feeding healthy treats to your children? Do you end up giving them unhealthy stuff you grab as you rush down the street? Presenting these very simple cookies! Your children will love them and they are made with whole, organic and totally healthy natural ingredients. There is nothing like feeding the…

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Autumn is here and we feel like those warming delicious soups. This soup is perfect to make use of leftovers from the week and prepare something healthy and nutritious when you do not feel like cooking a lot while watching a movie on a Sunday afternoon. INGREDIENTS Cooked chickpeas (to taste) Onion (to taste) Leek…

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Nori condiment

  INGREDIENTS: 2 sheets of nori seaweed 1 tbs. of j.c.m. 1 tsp. from shoyu or tamari 1 tbs. of roasted sesame seeds • 1 tbs. of chopped chives   PREPARATION: Cut the nori leaves with their hands and place them in a small casserole dish. Add a bottom of water and soak 10 minutes.…

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Gluten free sweet amaranth buckwheat porridge

INGREDIENTS: 1 coffee cup of amaranth 1 coffee cup of buckwheat 6 cups of water 1 handful of raisins 2 or 3 dried apricots 1 cinnamon stick Half lemon peel 1 pinch of salt PREPARATION: Rinse the whole grains well several times and place them with the rest of the ingredients in a pot. Bring…

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Artichoke “Nitsuke” with mustard vinaigrette and mint

INGREDIENTS: (6 people) 1 artichoke per person Shoyu Olive oil Black sesame seeds Lemon Fresh mint or spearmint Dijon mustard PREPARATION: Put water In a bowl with lemon juice. Cook an artichoke nitsuké: So that they do not turn black, place them in the water with lemon juice. Drain and rinse the artichokes. Put 1…

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Cleansing buckwheat soup

Cold, isn´t it? In winter we want to strengthen our intestines, this will allow us to keep our immune system in optimal conditions and spend the coldest months of the year free of unwanted colds. This cleansing soup will warm your body and tone the kidneys. And you will feel more energetic! Buckwheat promotes activity,…

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What can you do with those rice and beans leftovers in your fridge? A good way to “recycle” them is to make veggie burgers. This time round we are going to be making a gluten-free version, using buckwheat flour. We know that in winter our digestive system needs heat. That’s why the oven is a…

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