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Adequate proportions according to macrobiotics

Adequate proportions according to macrobiotics It continues from What is macrobiotics? II. Let us stop and think about what the structure of our teeth reveals, since it meets our biological needs (this is so for all species). Carnivorous animals have sharp teeth, designed to tear the muscle tissue of the meat. Likewise, they have much…

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What is Macrobiotics? II

In this post we continue what we started in What is macrobiotics? I, looking into the energetics of food, classification and types of food according to the Yin / Yang. Macro-bio-tics combines two old Greek roots “big” μακρος and βιος “life”. We assume that the world is a single global system composed of millions of tiny…

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What is Macrobiotics?

What is Macrobiotics? First of all Macrobiotics is a way of life, a philosophy, a way of seeing the world that has a lot to do with going back to our roots, to our union with Mother Nature, to understand that we are part of an established order whose natural rules we cannot break without…

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